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16 & 17 July, 2017, Business Design Centre, London

Retailer Treats

From special discounts to free delivery, our brands are offering visitors a little something extra this season…


Free UK delivery for orders over £500.

Blade & Rose:
Free shipping on all show orders. 

Bogoleta Couture: 
Lower minumum order quantity available at the show.

Blade & Rose: 
Free shipping on all orders taken at the show.

No minimum order quantities. 

Born Bespoke:
Spend £200 and get 10% off.

5% discount on all show orders.

Reduced minimum order quantity of £100.

Egg by Susan Lazar:
First time customer discount; 20% off your first order with Egg.

Ewan the Dream Sheep:
5% off all orders placed at the show.  

No minimum order quantity required for orders placed at the show. 

Gertie the Good Goose:
5% off all orders placed at the show. 

Isabella Babywear:
10% discount on full payment orders.

JAM London:
No minimum order quantity, and reduced deposit on orders placed
at the show.

Special minimum order quantity available at the show.


Wholesale discount available.

Little Zi:
No minimum order quantities required. 

Mama Designs:

Choose from three buyer offers.

No minimum order quantity, complimentary point of sale material, 15% discount on show orders.

Prairie Saint - Petersburg: 
Complimentary two tickets to the Marinsky Theatre in St Petersburg for buyers who place orders at Bubble London. 

No minimum order quantities. 

15% off your first wholesale order.


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