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Business Design Centre, London


01 February 2016

Suzanne Peters meets Dina Moon

With buying season now well underway, we asked Kid Style Junkie's Suzanne Peters to interview Diana Moon, childrenswear and toy buyer for Selfridges, on behalf of B&S. Take it away, Suzanne...

Have you seen a shift in peoples buying habits for kids fashion over the last few years?

The 'Mini Me' trend for both boys and girls is becoming more and more important. Key pieces from women's and men's ready-to-wear shows are adapted and reworked into childrenswear collections. Our customers are searching for pieces that match back to women's and men's trends, and brands that embrace this trend have proved extremely successful.
How important is social media to your sales of kids fashion?

Social media, especially Instagram, is a great tool to find new labels from around the world and see how potential customers are interacting with brands. Fashion-forward parents are always looking for inspiration online, and try to replicate looks seen on blogs or social media platforms.

You travel the world to go to many shows - which brands are you most excited about seeing this season?

We always get excited at the start of a new season and love finding a product or brand that we think fills a gap in our offering. I'm personally interested to see what are the new developments and trends in the industry and I get inspired by different brands each season.
What are your thoughts on Bubble's new POP area? Is this something you would consider for your department? i.e. a showcase for new emerging brands?

We are always looking for new-to-market, niche brands with a point of difference and will always consider these brands for our department.

What are your thoughts on the whole 'gender neutral' movement for kids?

Gender-neutral fashion has become a recurrent topic in the childrenswear and toys industry. In the past year we saw an increase in sales across unisex styles in our stores and we pushed the boundaries of gender in retail through our Agender campaign. This is an idea we will continue to support and explore in the future.
What is Selfridges' kidswear USP versus other department and large online stores?

Selfridges offers an edit of what we believe are the most covetable and exciting brands in the industry, with a wide selection of exclusive and bespoke products, housed in a space that is easy to navigate for both parents and children alike.
Are you considering any exclusives for your department this season?

Dina: We are always looking for exclusive collaborations and work hard with the brands on special pieces to fit in with our store campaigns. Christmas is a really key time with a strong theme that we really embrace!
How important are your online sales versus in-store sales?

Online sales are going from strength to strength and they are very important to our business. We aim to offer a multi-channel shopping experience and every season we expand both our store and online offering and increase the number of brands available on our website.
What is your biggest buying mistake?

Sometimes mistakes are made but we tend to consider these as lessons we can learn for the future and ways we can improve things moving forward.

Do you have any scoops about plans for your department you can share with us?

Selfridges is going through some changes with a significant investment in the redevelopment of our Oxford street store and the continued investment from our owners which will impact all departments.


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