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12 May 2016

Pre-show PR: part 2

In her last guest-post, Fuse Communication's Shosh Kazab revealed how to write the perfect pre-show press release - but what's next? We've been talking social media, stand-design and building a press database with the PR powerhouse...

You've written your pre-show press release and had your photos taken; the next step is sending them out.

Growing your database...

The challenge for brands who don’t work with a PR agency is that they often don’t have a database of press contacts to send their information to. The best way to build your own database is to get online. Make sure you’re active on Twitter and Instagram - and, if you're not sure who to follow, take your cue from similar brands. You can message people directly to ask for their email address; more often than not they will reply, as the press are always keen to find out about new brands and new developments in the industry. Many blogs and websites also have their contacts details online.

You can then start to build a master database, which you should add to and refine on an ongoing basis. Make sure you hire a scanner at Bubble, so you can gather data on visitors to your stand and add this information to your press database. 
Send your completed press release and any images to Bubble and Fuse Communications, so that we can share the information with the press in the run up to the show. We work with lots of great media partners (all of whom are listed on the Bubble website) - so be sure to get in touch with them, and let them know your news. If you have a budget for advertising, many of the publications offer preferred rates for Bubble exhibitors, too.

A few weeks before Bubble, send an invitation out to the press and give them your stand number. This is a great opportunity for you to remind them about any activity taking place on your stand - and you can even ask if they’d like to make a timed appointment to visit you. 

At the show...
Once you’re at the show, make sure you bring press packs to our press office. A ‘press pack’ can be as simple as your press release stapled together; for brands with a bigger budget, it can be a folder containing a look book, press release, USB stick of images and even a little branded gift. But, ultimately, the most important thing is the press release itself; including this is all that really matters.

You can drop your press packs off on both Sunday and Monday morning, as they may need replenishing. Around 20 press packs should be enough - and it’s worth keeping plenty on your stand, so that you can hand them out to the press directly when they drop by.


Stand out...
Make sure your stand looks enticing; the products should be clearly displayed, and you shouldn't try to cram too much on. You can use simple techniques to make it stand out without spending a fortune. The team at Bubble would be happy to provide you with their professional advice about stand design – if yours doesn’t make an impact, people are less likely to stop and visit, however great your product us.

Get social...
Finally, make sure you make the most of social media – as the best thing about it is that it’s free! Get people excited about your brand ahead of Bubble – share some sneak peaks of your images, and maybe some behind the scenes pictures from your photoshoots, or your designers hard at work. It all helps to bring your brand to life. Include the hashtag #madeyoulook in any posts; our social media team will always share them with our followers. 
We hope you have a great show this season; if there’s anything we can do to help you with your pre-show PR, please do let us know!


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