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Business Design Centre, London


05 May 2016

Pre-show PR

Exhibiting at Bubble this season? Shosh Kazab, founder of Fuse Communications, has been sharing her pre-show PR tips with us. First-up, it's press releases and product photography...

I'm so happy to be working on our second season of Bubble, London’s biggest and best baby and kids tradeshow! I set up Fuse Communications over 10 years ago, when the kids industry was quite different; no Twitter, no Instagram, no bloggers and very little online activity. Things have changed a lot (for the better!) and brands can do so much to help promote their businesses directly to the press and potential retailers - as well as consumers. The Internet has democratised the way brands can do this.
We have put some simple tips together to help to raise your profile at Bubble, and make sure you get noticed. With over 200 exhibitors at the show, there’s a lot for visitors to see and do, and you need to make sure they make the time to visit your stand.

First steps...
Once you’ve signed up to Bubble, make sure you let the team at Bubble and Fuse Communications know of any planned activity at the show – whether it’s a new launch, a collaboration, or the fact that your designer might be dropping in. We can promote this across our social media pages, and potentially feature it on this blog.
In addition to making sure that you’ve sent invitations to as many potential customers as possible, it is also worth investing the time in communicating with the press ahead of the show. Press attendance at the AW16 edition of Bubble was up 52%, which means that there are lots of people there over the two days who could write about your brand or use your samples for photoshoots. 

Press release...
It is worth taking the time to write a dedicated Bubble press release before the show. If you need help writing a press release, please do let me know, as I’d be happy to help with some simple tools. Essentially, a press release's first paragraph should comprise the following information: Who, What, Where, When and Why. For example:
Fabulous Kids, a British-designed baby and childrenswear brand, will be launching its debut collection at Bubble London from 19 – 20 June. The collection is made exclusively using organic and eco-friendly fabrics, which are all hand-crafted in a family run workshop in Somerset.
The rest of the press release can go into detail about the brand, the fabrics used, and how it can be ordered - before concluding with a quote from the founder or designer. 

Picture perfect...
High quality images are very important. These can be costly to produce, so if you do have a limited budget, the most affordable option is to have still life shots of your products taken. This just means that prodcuts are shot flat against a white background. These images are the most versatile and easy to use. Here are some examples:
You can speak to U-Shoot, a company based on-site at the Business Design Centre, about their costs for still life photography - or simple Google ‘pack shot images’ and see which companies come up, before enquiring about prices. You can usually negotiate if you need quite a few images.
If your budget can stretch to a photoshoot, then this is another option to explore. Lifestyle images are an additional way for brands to present themselves to the press (as well as potential customers) in the way they want to be perceived. i.e. fun, playful, casual, luxe.

Image: Pocopato

To keep costs down, many brands enlist the help of friends and family. Ask around to see if you know anyone who is starting out as a photographer, and who might be happy to shoot the images for free in exchange for a credit. You can also use friends and family as models, and shoot outdoors for free. Many brands use ‘location houses’ for shoots, which can be quite expensive - but again, ask around and see if anyone has a home or a space which fits the brand.

Image: Oh...My! Kidswear

It’s always worth enlisting the help of a professional kidswear stylist, as they can really bring your brand to life. They aren’t always very expensive, and are often keen to work with brands who can complement their portfolios. We know some fantastic children’s photographers and stylists, so please do let us know if you’d like us to put you in touch.

Next steps...

Once you've written your press release and had your images taken, you need to send them out to your press contacts....

Next week, Shosh will be revealing how you can grow your press database, and reach out to bloggers and journalists at the show...



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