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Business Design Centre, London


03 May 2017

Our Bubble: XOKiddo

XOKiddo’s story is just beginning – and, for founder Rona Hollows, Bubble S/S18 represents a unique opportunity to share it with the world.

Rona graduated from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute in 2007, before relocating to London with her soon-to-be husband. Three little ones later, the Dutch-born designer decided it was time for a new chapter – and her organic childrenswear brand, XOKiddo, was born. In the second of this season’s ‘Our Bubble’ Q&As, she tells us more about Dutch design, debuting at Bubble, and her passion for sustainable clothing...


Hello Rona! Could you introduce yourself to our readers?

Hi Bubble! I'm Rona Hollows, founder and designer of new childrenswear brand XOKiddo. I graduated from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute with a Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Design and Styling in 2007. I began work as a designer in the Netherlands as soon as I graduated, and moved to London in 2010, after meeting my soon-to-be husband. We were married in 2013 – and, in the same year, our first baby girl was born.

This move to London 7 years ago didn’t immediately afford me the fashion-industry opportunities I had hoped for. I worked as a nanny for 3 years, until our baby girl Billie was born. Whilst on maternity leave, I had the time and mind-space to rekindle my passion for design. Over the following 2 years (and one more child later) I brainstormed, planned and dreamt, all in a bid to decide what I really wanted out of life - apart from being a mum, of course! In April 2016 XOKiddo was born - and, almost one year later, I’m ready to launch the brand.

Tell us more about XOKiddo...

I’m so excited to introduce you to XOKiddo! XOKiddo is an organic, trendy-yet-timeless children's fashion label, created for cool kids. We are a London-based brand, and our collections are designed by me, Rona Hollows, for boys and girls aged one-to-five.

I was born and raised in the Netherlands, and there is no denying my Dutch genes in my designs. A combination of minimalism and practicality, coupled with bold experimentation and quirkiness, has made Dutch design a worldwide success – and all of these characteristics are present in XOKiddo. In particular, it's the quality of the tailoring, the bold use of contrasting colours, and the minimalistic approach to design that makes XOKiddo undeniably Dutch.

In a world that is full of complicated designs and busy prints, XOKiddo is all about simplicity. The collection consists of beautiful, unisex, quality basics that are contemporary yet timeless, and super-practical too. These basics are complemented by seasonal pieces, which are more in keeping with the quirky and experimental nature of Dutch design.

Only the best fabrics available are used, to ensure everyday comfort and durability. Ultimately, we hope little ones enjoy wearing the garments as much as we love making them!

Your products are all organic. Is sustainability important to you as a designer?

Using high-quality fabric, like organic cotton and wool, is very important to me. There’s too much waste these days, and I believe we need to take a step back and look at the basics. We live in a time of ‘disposable clothing’. At times, buying cheap products seems to make sense, but the quality often matches the price. And, after one season you, can’t use them anymore; they go in the bin.

This behaviour is damaging to both the environment and economy. The rate of disposal is greater than the availability of space; in the UK alone, we are throwing out £25m a year by sending clothes to landfill. I feel it is important that clothing can be handed down from one generation to the next, and still look good. That is why XOKiddo focuses on quality over quantity, and is all about durable, organic clothing for boys and girls.

Why have you decided to show at Bubble this season? What are you hoping to achieve at the show?

I’m showing my collection for the first time at Bubble this season, so I hope to forge new relationships, raise XOKiddo’s profile, and learn!

I am extremely passionate about both my brand, and sustainable children’s fashion - and hope that Bubble’s intimate, relaxed atmosphere will enable me to communicate the energy, story and future of the label to national and international buyers.

The XOKiddo story is only just beginning, and I’ll really value the chance to obtain feedback from buyers and exhibitors alike. I’m also looking forward to learning from and being motivated by other brands.

Finally, I would love to participate in initiatives like Perfect Pitch and the Rising Star Award. I think Bubble creates a great platform for newcomers like me to showcase my brand, myself, and what I stand for.

How will you be preparing for Bubble?

In preparation for the event, I'm busy working closely with my producers on my second collection. I’m taking my time sourcing the best quality fabrics, refining the fits and deciding on the finer details. I am learning as I go, and I am determined, with every collection, to maintain exceptional quality, stay true to my beliefs and grow as both a designer and a business!

Thank you, Rona! We're looking forward to meeting you at the show in July! 

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