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09 June 2016

Meet The Little Shoemaker

Children's footwear brand The Little Shoemaker is returning to Bubble this season! Founder Kevin Rowley takes a very personal approach to the business of shoemaking, crafting his leather boots, sandals, mary janes and moccasins entirely by hand, and casting adorable daughters Momoko and Cocono in every photoshoot. Ahead of the show, we asked him to tell us more about his latest collection...

Hi Kevin! We can't wait to see The Little Shoemaker's new range. What can visitors expect?

I'm always working on something new! I'm presently in the early stages of a few new designs that are developing quite interestingly. I've been working on a straightforward design that's based on traditional moccasins (and called 'Simple Simon'). Secondly, there are a couple of new children's sandal designs that are set to be very exciting. 


This is your third season at Bubble. How has the brand changed and grown since you began exhibiting? 

When I first showed at Bubble, I had no idea how The Little Shoemaker would be received. It was such a relief to discover that people do love our shoes - especially as they are made entirely by hand (my own!), and not in a factory. As a result, I've really found my feet, and worked out what people want to see. 


Why are you returning to the show this season?

I've decided to show again as it's certainly the location where UK and international brands and stores can come together. 

What advice would you give to children's brands exhibiting at Bubble for the first time this June? 

There are always new brands exhibiting at the show, and the advice I'd give them is have a good look around and see what your contemporaries are doing. I find it very interesting to see what's happening on the floor. 

Fancy seeing The Little Shoemaker's latest collection in person? You can apply for a ticket to the show here...

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