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20 June 2016

Introducing...La La Beads

This season, our new Bump area is playing host to a range of innovative maternity and nursery labels - including brilliant new launch La La Beads

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Founded by friends Jo and Alyse, the brand creates fashion-forward teething jewellery in safe, food-grade silicone. 

Mums themselves, the duo set out to design a different kind of teething necklance - one stylish enough to elevate simple outfits, while distracting and stimulating curious babies. 

Each necklace features BPA-free, dishwasher-proof beads, an extra-strong, break-resistant cord, and a breakaway safety clasp. 

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Jo and Alyse also paid close attention to design, choosing a range of bead-shapes and colours, and adopting the motto 'We can't make it easier; just more fashionable'!

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Catch La La Beads debut collection in our Bump area, on the gallery level...

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