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13 June 2016

Helen Baron meets...Walk Moses

Fun footwear brand Walk Moses will be showcasing its kids sandals at Bubble this season! Ahead of the brand's debut, Absolutely Mama-editor, Helen Baron, has been talking beginnings, ethical materials and Good Vibrations with founder Sarah Gurt...

Hello Sarah! So, who started Walk Moses? And when and why was the brand founded?

Walk Moses was started by myself, Sarah Gurt - and I have been designing footwear since 2001. I wanted to create a brand that most people could relate to, in terms of its aesthetics and comfort - but also with its fun branding, which is something I really enjoy playing with. Even though I have been working on Walk Moses (in my mind at least!) for five years, the brand actually launched in 2014 and the first collection was for SS15.

And what's happened since then? How many people work for the brand now?

The first season was a good test for us and got us noticed in a few countries, which allowed us to grow but also enabled us to improve on our quality and packaging. At the moment, we are a team of five. 

How and where did you learn about shoe design?

I studied Fashion Design at Central St. Martins and Footwear Design at Cordwainers College, which was fantastic. But most of my skills were developed whilst I was working for brands, including Chinese Laundry, Kenneth Cole, Oscar de la Renta, Thierry Mugler and more.


Why sandals? Do you plan to move on to other kinds of footwear in the future?

Sandals are part of my new, relaxed lifestyle! They also embody the ‘just woke up’ look, which I love. After years of designing leather stilettos, it’s a drastic but fun change for me. For now, we plan to stick to summer and make an impact in this segment.
Is designing shoes for kids different to designing them for adults?

No, not really. The only issue we encountered was that, as our ‘Freedom’ style doesn’t have a back strap, we had to start the size at 24 / 25 - which is the smallest size kids can start wearing slip-ons with ease.

Tell us more about the ethical, sustainable, animal-friendly aspect of your freedom slippers...

This is very important to us. As I mentioned earlier, working with leather made me a bit dizzy. But other than the animal-friendly part, we must care about the conditions we produce in, the people that help to create our products, and the high quality of the raw materials which we use. We cannot afford to be careless in the world in which we live.

Your branding and product has a fun, friendly flavour. Does that reflect what you're like as people? 

I hope so! Our slogan is ‘Let’s Chill for a Minute’…so we do try to keep that in mind all the time. If we can help people feel comfortable and happy, that is something positive. It keeps us going.

If you could choose one song that best represents the spirit of Walk Moses, what would it be? 

Good Vibrations by The Beach Boys!

And one film? 

Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

Why have you chosen to showcase your kids collection at Bubble London this season?

Bubble London is the best kids trade show in the UK. There was no question - we had to show Walk Moses at Bubble!

Finally, what's next for the brand?

Collaborations with artists on our Freedom line, special prints and finishes. There will be accessories which can be added onto to the Freedom line, and a range of sunglasses!

Want to meet Walk Moses in person? You can register for a ticket to Bubble London here...

Helen Baron is the editor of Absolutely Mama magazine. She and her husband live in Hackney with their miniature schnauzer and their daughter. 

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