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08 January 2016

Emma Smith meets F-Troupe

Cult footwear label F-Troupe is unveiling its debut kid's collection at Bubble this season! Ahead of the show, journalist, blogger, stylist, TV presenter and mum-of-two Emma Smith has been catching up with the brand's founder and designer, Mick...

Hello Mick. You've been carving out a niche in the adult shoe market since 2003, and will be making your debut at Bubble to showcase a new kid's range. Tell us why you decided to try the children's market...

To be honest, we had never considered creating a collection for kids. We have had great success with our bathing shoe, and many of our customers and distributors asked us to scale it down and make a children's collection. I wish we had thought of it - and thought of it sooner!


The collection features colourful kid's bathing shoes, designed in collaboration with artist Rob Ryan - how did this collaboration come about?

Our original bathing shoe features cut-out detail, so that it can function as a summer/rain shoe. I am a big fan of Rob's work, and part of the art he creates involves cut-out paper. I just thought one day that it might be a good idea, and through a mutual friend approached Rob, who was very open and enthusiastic to the idea. I have to say he was such a pleasure to work with. I have a strong, positive feeling about the collaboration, as it was such fun to do.


Can we expect more than bathing shoes in the future? For instance would you consider creating 'mini-me' versions of some of your adult lines?

Yes, there is a possibility that we will create a kids line going forward. If we do, we would have to be able to dedicate enough time to any development, as we would not want it to be seen as an extension of our adult collection - but rather, a kids collection in it's own right.

Could you tell us why F- Troupe decided to show at Bubble?

We don't know much about the kids market, so we asked around and heard lots of positive things about Bubble.

As it’s your first time at the show, what are you doing to prep for it? And what are you looking forward to the most?

We are prep-ping as we would an adult show. As for looking forward too...we are looking forward to the whole experience as it is all really new to us!

Discover F-Troupe's first kid's collection at Bubble A/W16; you can apply for a ticket here...

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