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27 December 2016

DRESS LIKE A MUM meets Scamp & Dude

As soon as we heard about Scamp & Dude, we knew the label was destined for big things. Launched by founder and former MD of Beauty Seen PR, Jo Tutchener-Sharp, it doesn't just create cool, unisex kid's clothing and accessories; this inspiring new Bubble brand also strives to inspire confidence in little ones, particularly when they're separated from friends and family. Jo herself spent time away from her young sons after a brain haemorrhage landed her in hospital - and the label's slogan, 'a superhero has my back', is intended to assure children that they are not alone. 

We asked DRESS LIKE A MUM's Zoe de Pass to catch up with Jo...

Hi Jo! So, where would you love Scamp & Dude to be in 5 years’ time?

I would like Scamp & Dude to be available to children all around the world – all children could benefit from having a Superhero on their side!
I would also like to be able to work with local charities in different countries, helping vulnerable children who need extra support by donating our Superhero Sleep Buddies. We currently donate one Superhero Sleep Buddy for every one sold. We are working with three charities at the moment: Grief Encounter, who support children who have lost a parent, Don’t Forget the Kids, a charity that supports children whose parents have cancer, and Great Ormond Street Hospital, to support children who are currently in hospital themselves.

What has been the most fun part of starting up your own brand?

It has to be designing the clothes themselves and then coming up with the fun little ideas to help children when they are forced to be separated from their parents. I absolutely love getting creative and I am in my element when designing. I’ve been humbled by all the positive press coverage we’ve had so far; it's been overwhelming. Vogue called us their favourite new kids brand; it doesn’t get much better than that!

One of the most rewarding elements has to be the interaction with customers, who are being so open about how our brand has touched them. I have been chatting to parents who are seriously ill, some emailing me from their hospital beds to tell me how our brand will help their children. It feels very special to think we are helping families get through difficult times, in whatever little way we can.

What are you hoping to achieve at Bubble London? 

This will be our first tradeshow, so it's all about meeting people; buyers of course, but also other kid's brands and designers. It is a new world for me, and I am really excited to meet as many people as possible. I love having a little network who all look out for each other, so I am looking forward to connecting with other people in the industry.  I am really excited to take part.  
What motivates you to work hard?

My love and passion for the brand and the fact it came from such a personal place. I came up with the idea to help kids deal with separation anxiety whilst in hospital recovering from brain surgery earlier this year, and desperately missing my kids. I am so driven by the fact that we can help make so many kids (and parents!) feel better when they are apart, and that we can donate Superhero Sleep Buddies to try and help kids who are really having a hard time and desperately need a Superhero to have their back. There is no better motivation than knowing you are helping people; it is so immensely rewarding and motivating.

See Scamp & Dude's latest collection at Bubble London in January; there's still time to apply for a ticket! 
For more information about Scamp & Dude, visit scampanddude.com

For more information about DRESS LIKE A MUM, visit dresslikeamum.com


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