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28 December 2015

Catherine Hudson meets Brand Stable

This season, Brand Stable is bringing three of its best-selling labels to Bubble London. We asked Catherine Hudson, content editor at juniormagazine.co.uk and beauty and fashion editor of Prima Baby, to catch up with the agency's founder, Daniele Sismondi...

Hi Daniele. Firstly, why are you attending Bubble and what are you bringing to the show?
I decided to attend Bubble this year after a conversation I had with my long-term friend and colleague Shoshana Kazab, whose agency, Fuse Communications, is doing the PR for the show. She told me about all the new and exciting things happening at the show this season and, not only did I want to support her, I also wanted to be part of this exciting new direction for Bubble in terms of brining along some of the household name brands that I represent at Brand Stable to the show.
Why do you think it's important to have a tradeshow for children's fashion in London? 
The UK is a very unique market and is also very different from the rest of Europe. I believe that Bubble should be a destination for new stores, but also for department stores and the big online e-tailers. In order to attract these types of buyers to the show, you need a good mixture of the big brands as well as the new and up-ando-coming ones to make the buyers’ visit to Bubble feel worthwhile.
How do you think the face of Bubble is changing – why should people attend?
There are many things that the show will bring this year: a panel of established buyers and wholesalers who will share some of their expertise with new and aspiring buyers or boutique owners, a much bigger selection of well-known brands and a great edit of new brands like the Pearl Lowe kids collection. 

How do you make the most of showing at a tradeshow like Bubble?
I have been selling AW16 since the end of November - therefore by the time Bubble comes around, I will have a better understanding of what has worked better for the UK. Also, since Bubble happens to take place one week after Pitti Bimbo, I am in a very lucky position not only to select the best sellers to show at Bubble, but I also know what pieces the press have taken most interest in during Pitti. The combination of these two things will ensure that I will bring the best possible pieces to Bubble.
Since the rise of social media, there are so many successful independent childrenswear brands - do you think there is still a place for large scale luxury children's fashion?
Absolutely, and that is part of the reason I have decided to attend the show. Luxury is a very overrated word that I try not to use much, since anything you do that goes beyond your normal way of living can be a luxury. I think that exclusivity is a more appealing word, as it encompasses distribution and affordability and implies luxury too.
I do, however, think that the UK market is still a strong platform for big brands - but they must position themselves either at the lower or the top end of the market to be either desirable or very competitive compared to the high street. Brand Stable offers a range of brands which can appeal to a whole spectrum of buyers, ranging from the most aspirational to the more affordable brands.

What are your brands showing for the new AW16 season? 
I have decided to bring Guess Kids, Liu Jo and Trussardi to Bubble. All of these brands are already stocked in the UK, but have very different brand strategies. I believe that Bubble will give more retailers the opportunity to see them in a different context and the chance to compare them with the other brands at Bubble. For example, for AW16, Guess Kids (pictured) has chosen an aggressive price cut policy and has repositioned itself to compete against the high street, whilst maintaining the quality that people have come to expect from the brand. T-shirts start at £4.50, cardigans and jeans at £10 and Puffa-style jackets at £18. Liu Jo is very strong in the layette market up to 18 months, and the Trussardi boyswear range can definitely give brands like Timberland and Armani a run for their money!

To find out more about Brand Stable, visit www.brand-stable.com
To contact Daniele, email [email protected]


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