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17 June 2016

Bonnie Turner meets...Outside the Lines

Highly commended Rising Star finalist Outside the Lines made waves at Bubble A/W16 - and, ahead of its return to the show, we asked Mama's V.I.B's Bonnie Turner to catch up with founders Philippa and Kate...

This will be your second time at Bubble. What response / feedback did you get from your debut collection that made you want to do it again?

We had a great response at our first how, especially from the press. It was a great forum to be able to gauge peoples’ views on the product that we had been living and breathing for months. It was a strong affirmation that we have something special to offer.
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Tell me a little about what is unique about Outside the Lines compared to other girl’s labels?

At Outside the Lines we pull all our influences together, then interpret them to create a unique take on trends whilst still making them fun, relaxed and wearable. The collection is very versatile; pieces can be mixed and interchanged to create looks to suit any girl’s personality.
You two (Philippa & Kate) are friends – how does that transfer to working together? Does it make it easier?

Working together has been great. We know each other and our strengths and weaknesses and we compliment each other well. We have similar taste and the creative tension and energy is special and we feel it works really well.  When we have had a tough day or week at the studio it is difficult to stop it from spilling over into our personal time, but we don’t let it get in the way.

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Do you have an image in mind when you design the clothes – be it your daughters, a celebrity child, or memories from your own childhood?

We have so many influences from all over and can be inspired by an image, a colour, and beautiful fabrics, as well as our own children, who play a huge part in the development process. We travel extensively for sourcing and for inspiration which gives us a global twist to our ranges.

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Sum up Outside the Lines girl in five words?

Fun, feminine, spirited, selective and #justsocool


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