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15 & 16 July 2018, Business Design Centre, London


24 November 2015

Being a Bubble brand with...Nod London

For many new designers, Bubble London is the next step on the road to success; a unique opportunity to meet buyers, engage with the press, and raise the profile of their fledgling brands. We asked Pamela Badham, co-founder of new-signing Nod London, what joining the show means to her...

Welcome to Bubble, Pamela! Firstly, could you tell us why you've decided to launch Nod London at our A/W16 show?

We attended Bubble last year as visitors, so that we could gain more of an understanding of the industry and the other brands out there. We were really impressed with the event and are confident that it is THE go to place for department store buyers and leading children’s independent retailers in the UK. We’re also excited to be launching our first collection in the POP area of Bubble, which has been developed to support new brands just like us. 

Could you introduce yourself and your business partner, Laura?

Of course - my name is Pamela Badham and my business partner is Laura Mooney. We are two 30 (something) mums, living in South-West London, who have acted on a genuine passion to bring something really unique and original to the childrenswear market. 

In terms of my background, I've worked in PR and marketing for over ten years, profiling all kinds of products both in the UK and globally. I live and breathe brand development and growth - it's something I am so passionate about. 

When, where and how was Nod London founded? 

Nod was founded by Laura and I during our maternity leave in 2014. The concept was born as a result of long summer walks through Bushy Park in Teddington, where we would meet and wander for hours, chatting as our babies slept. We wanted to create a brand that was more than just about beautiful designs and so Nod, a whimsical world, inspired by the ‘Land of Nod’ was born. 

Tell us more about the idea behind the brand, and the characters your babygrows feature? 

Laura used to work in book publishing and so a natural love for story telling and bringing unique characters to life is just in her blood. Her background has formed the creative backbone of our brand and everything has grown from there. 
Each of our garment designs has been inspired by a world of outrageous fun, filled with make-believe characters. Nod is a land brimming with the unexpected and a place where the word for ordinary doesn’t exist. 

What does the design process entail?

Everything about Nod has been lovingly imagined in Great Britain. Once we had the vision for the first collection, we briefed a British illustrator whose work just seemed to capture the look and feel of Nod. He bought the creatures and concepts to life by creating unique one off illustrations. Then the creative powers at The Land of Nod HQ worked to turn those illustrations in to gorgeous prints and colours that would become the designs for our first collection of baby grows. 

What challenges have you encountered in the course of founding Nod? 

The biggest challenge has been sourcing a manufacturer. Quality is something that is so important to us and we spent a great deal of time finding a supplier who could meet our expectations. Secondly, it’s been learning a completely new market and industry sector. It’s been a real journey. 

How will you be preparing for Bubble London this season?

In the run up to the show we’ll be working closely with the team at Bubble to maximise all of the additional opportunities available to us.  We’ll also be shouting about everything on our social media profiles as well as nominating ourselves for inclusion in competitions and programmes supporting new brands, such as the Rising Star Award. 

What are you hoping to achieve at the show? 

Bubble London is very exciting for a new brand. We are really looking forward to meeting people from the industry, and being able to showcase the Nod brand and our very first collection amongst some of the other new launches for next year. Bubble seems like a great forum for busy retailers to scope out things that will genuinely be loved by their customers, so we are hoping to be able to link up with those who think Nod will be a brand that works for them.

We'll see you in January 2016, Pamela!

If you'd like to become a Bubble brand, you can still apply for a stand at our A/W16 event here...


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