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26 October 2016

B&S meets...Sam Faiers

Since leaving The Only Way is Essex, TV personality and model Sam Faiers has become a mother - and a seriously influential one, at that. Currently appearing in her own reality show, The Mummy Diaries, she also runs a youtube channel - not to mention a hugely popular Instagram account, of which her beautiful baby son, Paul, is the undisputed star. But what are this celebrity mum's go-to kid's brands? And how does she shop for Paul? She's been telling us just that...

What was your maternity style, Sam? 

My maternity style was quite casual actually. I was definitely dressing for comfort! I enjoyed layering up as well, as it was Winter towards the end of my pregnancy.

And what about your hospital bag? Do you remember what you packed?

Well actually, I didn't have a baby bag packed! Paul came early, so I was very unprepared.

What are your go-to baby brands for Paul?

I would say Salcura (organic bath products) would be on the list, for sure. I also love Water Wipes - and, clothing-wise, Rachel Riley and Pepa & Co.

What were the items you couldn't do without when Paul was a newborn?

I relied heavily on wipes, cotton wool, his baby bath and white baby grows when he was a newborn. I wouldn’t leave the house without a spare change of clothes, either.

Paul always looks adorable! Where do you find inspiration for his outfits? 

A lot of people compare him to Prince George, although that's not where I get my inspiration from. I just love the Spanish style of clothing, which I guess you could say is quite classic. 

Do you have a particular look or style for him?

Definitely traditional! He looks so cute when he's dressed smartly. 

Do you tend to shop for Paul in stores or online?

I tend to shop for him online. My go-to websites are alexandalexa, Childsplay and Childrensalon

Can you share your single best parenting tip with us?

Well, in their first year of life babies tend to get colds quite often - so I would say my best tip for a first-time parent wondering how to cure their baby's cold is to run a hot shower and close all the doors, to create a sort of steam room. It really helps to clear their noses whilst they’re too young to blow them. 

Thank you Sam! 


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