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15 & 16 July 2018, Business Design Centre, London


07 March 2017

B&S meets...Katie Piper

This season, Bubble's new feature area, Pushmepulleyou, played host to a range of top British pushchair brands - and, if there's one thing we learned, it's that hardware can be as good-looking as it is practical. But how do labels strike a balance between style and functionality? TV presenter and author Katie Piper was afforded a unique insight into the process when she designed her own pushchair range for My Babiie - and now, she's been telling us more about prints, colourways and planning a collection...

Hello Katie! You have just launched your first pushchair collection, Believe by Katie Piper, for My Babiie. Are you excited?
I’m so pleased it’s finally launched! It’s been a long time in the planning, and I’ve wanted to create a collection since my daughter Belle was born. The range is inspired by nature, and all the designs are characterised by a sense of freedom and happiness – my ethos as a mother.
What does the range comprise?
In total, my first range features six different designs and colourways; it’s a really great and affordable selection of pushchairs, travel systems and a high chair. I was involved in the design process from the beginning, and the team at My Babiie really listened to my ideas, which was brilliant!

Can you tell us a bit more about the designs themselves?
I have a few olive, khaki and desert sage designs and colourways, and two of my prints are very nature led - think butterflies and swallows. I named the range ‘Believe’, to remind new parents to have faith in the knowledge that they are doing great. That’s why I wanted to include the milestone cards, too; they are all about happiness, positivity and memories. 

And what about your daughter, Belle? She's three now - but what were your baby staple items? 

Babygros mainly, and lots of them! Her pram was a lifesaver - and her stroller from My Babiie, of course. It’s so useful, as we are always out and about – and it’s lightweight for when we travel too. I also couldn’t live without her dummy and Sudocrem. 

Did you come across any exciting kid's or maternity brands?

I also discovered Remescar. I always knew it because of its Scar Sticks, which I used for my face - but it also does a brilliant Stretchmark cream which really does work. I’ve recently found a great small brand, Nikiani, which does mini-snack cooler bags for kids. They are animal-shaped, and such a great idea - Belle loves hers! 

Does Belle dress herself, or do you still decide what she wears? Does she have any favourite outfits?

She definitely has her own mind and style, so will decide what to wear! She is girly, but has a tomboy influence from her dad I think! She loves Peppa Pig and Frozen, so a lot of her outfits are themed around that these days!

How do you shop for her - is it mainly online, or do you prefer to go to bricks-and-mortar stores? What are your favourite websites and shops? 

Both really - I like the variety. That said, taking a 3 year old around the shops isn’t always ideal, so I often buy things for her without her there. She is getting very tall like her dad, so soon I will have to try on trousers to make sure they fit! 

Do you have any favourite outfits you can remember from your childhood - and if so, what was it about them that was so special?
I had one very cool Power Rangers top, which I have very fond memories of! I did have a couple of dresses which I loved to wear for birthday parties and special occasions. I was a total tomboy, though – I had an older brother so definitely copied his dress sense! I loved the outdoors. I wore t-shirts with shorts and dungarees; very 80s! 

Learn more about Believe by Katie Piper at My Babiie here...

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