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16 June 2016

B&S meets...Jemma Kidd

Bubble is fast approaching - but, this week, we've taken time out from show-prep to talk children's fashion with Jemma Kidd. A make-up artist, beauty artist and fashion designer, she lives in Hampshire with her husband and three children...

Hi Jemma! How did you like to dress when you were a child? Were you girly, or more of a tomboy?

I was pony mad, lived in jodhpurs most of the time. If I went to parties it was always a dress and sparkly shoes.

You have twins - a boy and a girl, who are six. Did you ever dress them in matching outfits when they were small? 

I never dressed them the same. Mae's always been a super girly-girl who loves dresses, skirts and anything purple or red (her favourite colours). Darcy loves wearing fancy dress outfits. Bob the Builder and Spiderman have been top favourites. I'm a fan of Rachel Riley for their smarter atire. I now put the boys in matching outfits, while Mae will be in dresses from Oh...My! or Jessie and James

You have a little boy, Alfred, who is 18 months old. How do you like to dress him?

I love putting him in all in ones, dungarees and rompers. I adore Amaia, Rachel Riley, Petit Bateau and Trotters. I get his shoes from Papouelli.

What are your 'go-to' childrenswear brands and stores?

Zara, Petit Bateau, Jessie and James, Ralph Lauren, Amaia, Rachel Riley and Oh…My. I get PJ’s from Em&Lu, and shoes from Pisamonas.

Have you come across any new and exciting baby and toddler brands since Alfred was born?

The Babyzen yoyo travel pushchair has been life-changing for travelling. It folds up and goes into the overhead compartment easily. Red Castle Cocoonababy was also a great find; Alfie slept so well in it as a very little baby. Mini Rodini is a super cute for babies, too. 

Kissy Kissy smocked baby grows are so soft, and are great to get as gifts. Finally, Seraphine London & Goa make divine London pjs. 

As you live in the countryside, do you tend to shop for your children's clothes online? Are there any good kid's shops in your area?

I do 80% of my shopping online. I'm in London two days a week, so I pop to the local children's boutiques near my home in Notting Hill when I have time. There's not much near us in the country. I prefer small boutique designers for kids, so online is easier, and there are so many fabulous websites. 

Thanks Jemma! You can catch Oh...My!, Kissy Kissy, Jessie and James and Rachel Riley at Bubble London this season...


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