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20 September 2016

B&S meets...Bulb London

There's a new Bubble brand in town - and we think you'll agree it's seriously cool! The brainchild of artist Agnete Rinne and her partner, Farhan, Bulb London creates everything from gender-neutral kids clothing to contemporary home deco. We've been talking role models, big dreams and light-bulb moments with 'Mama Queen' Agnete...


Hi Agnete! Could you introduce the Bulb family to our readers? 

We're a trilingual, modern and lifestyle-conscious family, living in London. I came to the city to study in 2006, and I'm still here (*laughing*). I'm originally from Rīga, the
 capital of Latvia. I have always been creative; my mum was a painter, so I guess she 'pushed' me down the same path, which I'm grateful for. I painted portraits back home, but wanted to try something different when I came to London. I went for visual arts and graphic design; I'm not exactly a computer person, but I'm happy I have a degree. I met my partner Farhan (everyone calls him Haan) during my time at university, and we are still going strong (*more laughing*). Oh gosh, we fight and argue; not only are we from different cultures, but we also have our wonderful daughter Mia - and a joint business - to juggle. 

How was Bulb London founded? 

Both my mother and grandfather used to paint. I come from a very artistic background, and have an eye for colour and shape. I always wanted to do something big; I think people don’t dare to dream big enough. So, one day, Haan and I sat on the sofa and said 'lets do it!' My creativity is unstoppable, but I need someone to manage me - which makes us a great match. Trust me, not everyone can work with their other half - especially when they're a control freak like me (laughing). We launched on June 1, after working day and night to go live. 

Tell us more about the brand, and your trademark lightbulb motif...

Bulb is a London-based kids lifestyle and deco brand. Our creative and unique use of the 'light bulb' motif is our signature. We create monochrome illustrations to compliment design-led homes or kids rooms, and offer a range of products - including prints, room deco, and tees and sweats for 1 - 10 year olds. We've also created a special tote-bag for people who like to 'think outside the bulb'. 

Using materials that do not harm the environment, we aim to provide our customers with the best quality products. Our designs are simple, contemporary and gender neutral; we take inspiration from our modern and minimal life in London.


As you mentioned, Bulb London is a family affair. How does this shape the brand?

Our darling Mia is the heart of Bulb London. As a parent, I'm a role model to my daughter - and, by extension, to other young people. I also understand how to turn a lightbulb on in someone’s head. Creativity equals inspiration, and if you've got a creative mind, you don't ever stop working. It's about how you deliver your idea. We are basically building a baby - creating it, evolving it and developing it. 

Why have you decided to show at Bubble London, and how will you be preparing for the show? 

For any small business, trade shows can be an effective means of spreading brand awareness, getting your product in front of your target audience and meeting with current or potential clients. I think the POP area will be a great way for us to make meaningful connections, have conversations and convert prospects into actual customers.
We will define our goals and create budget for the show. Our focus will be on connecting more with an audience of kids fashion lovers, and introducing them to our brand. 


And what about the future? 

At the moment we are working on a range of adult's tees, and have a lot more to give. We could change our whole consciousness, if we all believed bigger! 

Catch Agnete, Farhan and Bulb London at the January 2017 edition of Bubble London! 


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