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17 June 2016

B&S Meets...Scrubbingtons and Olly & Arya

With Bubble just two days away, we wanted to introduce some of our newest signings! First-up, it's Rising Star Finalist, Scrubbingtons...

Hi, Emma and Karen! Could you tell us more about how and why you launched Scrubbingtons? 

We noticed that although there are lots of bathing and washing products for babies, there aren’t many toiletries for primary school aged children. We wanted to design a range of children’s toiletries that were specifically designed to help children wash themselves - and which parents would be happy to use, too. There are a lot of products on the market that have cartoon characters all over them, or artificial, sickly sweet smells, or dubious-quality ingredients. From our research we found that children wanted a brand specifically designed for them, and parents wanted something that was gentle but would get their grubby kids clean.

How did you go about designing truly kid-friendly products? 

We did lots of research amongst children and their parents. We asked kids to put together collages of what they like to do, and the books or toys that they enjoy, and were surprised at how much similarity there was between boys and girls. They all loved the more grown-up, gritty issues discussed in the David Walliams books and TV shows like Tracy Beaker. Our core purpose is to empower children – we challenged ourselves to make every part of our Scrubbingtons range easier for children to use. So all of our products are magically foaming as that is much easier for children to use; it doesn’t slip off their hands and go straight down the plughole! Our bottles are designed for small hands to use, and the products themselves are 98% natural and contain gentle aloe vera. We've developed a clean, fresh smell that children (and their parents) love - and, in our Hair & Body Wash, we have a natural deodoriser to keep children fresh-smelling all day.


The brand already has a strong identity - we love the product descriptions on your website! Could you tell us more about this?

We wanted to capture kid's imaginations using our range, so everything is brought to you by the character of Professor P Scrubbington. He travels the world sourcing new and magical ingredients for his concoctions, and shares the stories with his readers. We wanted to provide an educational element, so we challenge people to guess where the Professor is in the world and we talk about the science involved in dirt and getting clean. The response we’ve had so far to this has been brilliant!

Why have you decided to show at Bubble? 

We love the fact that Bubble is a children's show, and that buyers will be looking for high-quality products. We hope we can stand out as something new and different. 

How will you be preparing for the show?

We’re thinking hard about different ways we can engage with people at the show, and tell them more about Scrubbingtons. We’re busy designing new leaflets and taking photos of children using our range – they tell the best stories for us. We’re also really excited to have been picked to pitch Scrubbingtons in the Bubble Perfect Pitch competition, so we’re practicing getting our pitch in the hope we can impress some buyers. We’d love to be stocked in somewhere like Selfridges or Liberty.

Next, we caught up with Beata Englert, founder of new childrenswear brand Olly & Arya...


It's lovely to meet you Beata! So, how, when and why was Olly & Arya founded?

I have been designing my own women's wear line for the past 12 years, but have always wanted to focus on launching my children's wear line. Once my daughter was born, I decided to launch my line, and have it named after both of my kids, Olly and Arya. I was living just outside of Los Angeles up until just a few months ago, when I moved with my husband and son to Europe, and just three months ago my daughter was born here. So although the pieces can be produced in the USA, Canada or Europe, I am currently in Europe.  

Could you tell us more about your creative process?

I take photos on my travels, and then convert them into fabric prints, which are printed onto bamboo, cotton, silk and tencel fabrics. I love fabric design so much, and have so many ideas for children's wear. I am very excited to be launching my brand.

What inspired your debut collection?

The birth of my daughter is what finally pushed me to launch the brand, and it just seemed perfect to name it after both of my kids. I always try to support cute boutiques or independent designers, but surprisingly was struggling to find really cute unique things - so I decided to make pieces I would love to see on my own kids. 

Why have you decided to show at Bubble London this season?

Bubble seems like the perfect place to launch my line. I feel it will get a great start at the show, and everything is ready to go as I've had my women's wear line for so many years. I have production set up in Europe, Canada and USA. I am excited to show both my immediate Fall/Winter 2016 collection, and my Spring/Summer 2017 collection. Pieces include onesies, rompers, sweaters, dresses, and accessories. I'm looking forward to the show, and to meeting buyers from all over the world.

Fancy meeting Scrubbingtons and Olly & Arya in person? There's still time to register for your free ticket to Bubble...


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