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14 June 2016

B&S Meets...Minijammies

What happens when a well-established womenswear label decides to launch its own kid's collection? We asked Cyberjammies' brand director Mark Tweed, who will be showcasing new children's nightwear range, Minijammies, at Bubble this season...

Hi Mark! Cyberjammies nightwear is stocked in over 250 stores worldwide; why have you decided to launch a children's range, Minijammies?

We were totally focused on building our women's collection for the first 10 years after the brand was conceived. Over the last couple of years we have been asked why we don't have a children's range time and again. As with Cyberjammies, we wanted to get the collection right. The brand has a very large, loyal customer-base, which comes back to us time and time again -  and these same customers are mothers and grandmothers. It is a natural progression for us to appeal to those same loyal customers with a children's nightwear range, which they can trust and enjoy in the same way they have Cyberjammies.

What can we expect from Minijammies? Will the brand take its cue from Cyberjammies, or have its own distinct identity?

A bit of both! It is incredibly important to us to ensure that Minijammies has the same DNA and values as Cyberjammies. Quality, softness and value for money are at the heart of everything we do. Fun designs and styling also run through Minijammies' debut collection, in the same way as Cyberjammies. In some instances, the same designs are present in both ranges - mini-me versions. That said, not all designs, prints and fabrics translate to childrenswear. Therefore, the larger share of designs and prints are unique to Minijammies, with just the odd winner that works for both!

Can you tell us more about your first collection?

AW16 is techinically our first collection, with SS17 the second. Both will be on show at Bubble. We ensure fabric-weight is right for each season; heavier weights/twills and brushed fabrics figure heavily in our AW16 collection, while spring is far more focused on cotton modal, viscose and 100% cotton. Colour also varies, with some richer colours for AW16 moving into fun brights for SS17. As for shape, PJs are the mainstay of the AW16 collection. They are still important for SS17, but far more shape options are required for the summer.  Chemises, nightdresses, camis and shorts, T-Shirts and short are increasingly important in SS17. Ultimately, our aim is to ensure we have the right nightwear for the right time.  Newness is delivered every couple of months to ensure there is always something to come back and take a look at.

You've recently secured a stockist in Dubai and Bahrain - can you tell us more about that?

Cyberjammies has been working with TKD Lingerie in Dubai for a couple of seasons now. It was a natural progression for them to take Minijammies when it became available. They are opening additional stores in the Middle East, but are also looking to distribute to a wider customer base across the region. Very exciting!  We've had similar success in the Fenwick Group. Bentalls Kingstons, Fenwick Newcastle and Williams and Griffin will all be stocking Minijammies this AW16.

Thanks Mark! Interested in learning more about Minijammies? You can see the brand's debut collection at Bubble this season...


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