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15 & 16 July 2018, Business Design Centre, London


18 May 2016

B&S Meets...Giovanna Fletcher

This week, we've been talking children's fashion with mother, wife, actress, author, blogger, vlogger and presenter Giovanna Fletcher, who is married to Tom Fletcher of McBusted. Childhood sweethearts, they have two sons - two-year-old Buzz, and Buddy, who was born in May 2016...

Hi Giovanna! What are your go-to baby brands?

I love stores like Zara, Next and Mothercare, and Fred and Noah. It's a real mix, depending on what I'm after - whether it's something smart for a special occassion, or just for him to run around and get mucky in. 

Now that Buzz is older, does he have a particular look or style?

It depends if we're going out to a social event, or just hanging out at home. I love seeing him in little denim jackets and shirts - he just looks so grown up. I also think it's adorable when he and Tom wear matching clothes, like bow ties and sweater vests. Now that he has a little brother I'm sure it won't be long until all three of them are matching. I'm going to start feeling left out! 

Do you think you'll ever dress the boys in matching outfits? 

Ha! I covered this in my last answer... Yes, but it won't stop there, as their dad will want in on the action too. I already put the little boys in matching tops when I can. 

Have you come across any exciting toddler brands for Buzz? 

I love Fred and Noah, who make leggings - and Magnificent Stanley, who create personalised tops. My brother always buys Buzz the cutest trainers, too. He's also got a pair of Step2wo shoes that look like monsters, which I adore. 

Do you tend to shop for your kid's clothes online, or in stores?

Online. It's a fun thing to do when feeding in the early hours of the morning. I love shopping for the boys. It's a guilt-free indulgence! 


What's your single best parenting tip? 

Listen to all the advice you'll get (mostly unwanted) and then ignore it. Only you can decide what works for you and your family. The world of parenting can be a judgemental place, but just do whatever makes you and your little family happy! 



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