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03 July 2017

B&S Meets...Chloe & JB Gill

This week, we've been talking children's fashion with Chloe & JB Gill who tied the knot in May 2014 and Chloe gave birth to their son Ace later that year. They live on a working farm in Kent and former singer JB has shared his passion for farming in his BAFTA nominated CBeebies series, Down on the Farm.

Bubble: Hi guys! You live on a farm so what does Ace tend to wear day to day? 

Chloe & JB: Ace wears his wellies! He LOVES his wellies! They are a massive essential for him as he is on and off the farm. At the moment, he's got a red & blue pair by Joules. Now it's Summer, he teams them with a vest / t-shirt and shorts.

Bubble: And when he does dress up, what are your ‘go to’ brands: 

Chloe & JB: We love Patachou for our special occasions and for a smart / casual look. Where's That Bear is a great brand for Ace, especially the shirts, they're always so colourful and Ace wears colour really well.

Bubble: Now that Ace is older, does he have a particular look or style?

Chloe & JB: We always like to dress in sync as a family, whether it is colour or style which we co-ordinate, so Ace is a ‘mini-JB’ when we are styling him. Both Ace and JB have a few shirts that are the same brand, just mini versions. I (Chloe) think they're super cute!

Bubble: Do you tend to shop for your Ace online, or in stores?

Chloe & JB: I have to say we do a bit of both. But I do like to go into stores and try things on Ace.

Bubble: Do you have any favourite outfits you can remember from your childhood - and if so, what was it about them that was so special?

Chloe: When I was a child, I LOVED to wear leggings and a matching crop top. I have looked back at a lot of pictures and I was always in that outfit! I think because of my passion for dancing, I knew from a young age I would live in leggings.

JB: Not outfits per se but I always remember loving new shoes and that hasn’t really died I'm afraid to say! I think it was the fact that I was never allowed to have the newest pair of anything "just because" and so, whenever I DID get a new pair of trainers, I always wore them out of the shop!

Bubble: What's your single best parenting tip? 

Chloe & JB: Our single best tip is to involve your children as much as you can. They like to feel as though they're being included in making the decisions. We often get Ace to help pick his outfits for the next day. It helps him feel important, which does wonders for his self confidence and also his decision making!



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