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Business Design Centre, London


04 July 2017

B&S Meets...Buttercrumble


Buttercrumble are a super-synced and harmonious twin-team that can work twice as efficiently to achieve their vision. 


Bubble: Could you introduce yourselves to our readers? Who are Buttercrumble, how were they founded, and what do they do?

Chloe & Abigail: Buttercrumble is a twin-team, creative collective formed of us, Chloe and Abigail. Together we produce graphic design and illustration with an ethos of making others smile. We achieve this through our use of fun and exciting visuals which we create for an array of purposes from branding to map design.

We set up Buttercrumble in 2012 when we realised that there was a gap in the market for accessible and welcoming design. Ever since we could remember, we have loved drawing together; teaming up to form a business seemed like a natural step for us.

Bubble: Tell us more about what you’ve got planned for Bubble? What makes the perfect portrait? 

Chloe & Abigail: We’re planning on drawing portraits of Bubble’s visitors! We find that everyone loves to get involved with this because they have the opportunity to have a bespoke memento they can take home with them after the event is over. It’s like a special selfie!

The perfect portrait captures the likeness of the person. Everyone has a defining aspect and we try to visualise this. Whether it be a twinkle in their eyes or a spectacular hairdo.


Bubble: Could you share your top three branding tips with us?

Chloe & Abigail: Be consistent - it’s important to keep your colour scheme, typography and tone of voice consistent across all public areas of your business. This is what makes you recognisable and trustworthy.

Give your audience what they want - many businesses don’t know who they are targeting. This is a big problem for branding. At all times, you need to keep your dream audience in mind. What would they like to see from your brand? Don’t be afraid to be niche. That’s a good thing!

Be authentic - show a bit of humanity within your brand. People buy from people, so make sure you express some personality when appropriate.

Bubble: What does the future hold for Buttercrumble? Have you got any exciting plans in the pipeline?

Chloe & Abigail: As well as developing our resourceful workshops which can offer creative support, we’re also looking to work on more environmental graphic design projects. Using illustration and design to affect the ambience of a community or retail space is something that fascinates us.


Catch Abigail and Chloe presenting a Buttercrumble branding masterclass at this season's Look Who's Talking seminar programme on Monday 16 July, 10.30 -11am and Tuesday  17 July,10am - 10.30am.



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